The Impact of Fatigue on Truck Drivers


Let us face it:

No matter how professional or highly skilled truck drivers are, they will never be able to overcome their natural need for sleep. No one really can. Considering that, fatigue is one of the most common causes of accidents, as a manager of a truck fleet, you must ensure that all your drivers are resting properly.

At Inca power, we want to share with you that fatigue cannot only result in tragic losses but also in economic losses for the company.

Fatigue can greatly affect the health of the driver and the company’s production. Here are some points to keep in mind during Truck driver training.

  • Extensive night shifts
  • Excessive work for long hours
  • Lack of sleep
  • Very early hours
  • Irregular working hours

While various factors can cause fatigue in a driver, these are some of the most common reasons that contribute to

I. Symptoms of driver fatigue

Sometimes the symptoms of tiredness are very unclear. Drivers can be mentally fatigued but not feel tired at all.

You can share the following symptoms with your drivers and thus give them a clear warning about what fatigue is:

  • Miss a way out
  • Wandering thoughts
  • Daydreaming while driving
  • Cramps and stiffness
  • Deviate from your lane
  • Yawning
  • Heavy eyes or headache

II. The impact of fatigue on drivers

High turnover rate

It is understood that if your drivers feel like they are overworked to the point that they can’t take it anymore, they will be considering new job offers where they are treated better. This dilemma is quite difficult to handle. While on the one hand, you need to make sure, your drivers have enough free time, drivers worry about having more miles.


Shipping armada directors and entrepreneurs need to ensure their drivers have enough miles on their remaining tasks. They ought to likewise check their drivers’ practices for indications of weariness or depletion. Show your drivers that you are truly worried about them: Give them a lot of time to rest and stress over their calendars and diets.

Lack of motivation

When drivers are tired and exhausted, their focus is on finishing their job as soon as possible.


 Make sure to give them time frames so they can rest. When you have reached the point where you know that your drivers are in good condition, you can launch programs or bonuses and in this way have them motivated.

Your drivers don’t last long with you

Your drivers will not last long in your company, either because they found another company to work with, or because they got to have some type of accident (due to fatigue) that prevents them from continuing to drive permanently.


To guard your drivers against mishaps and to improve their lives while working at your organization, you can introduce ELDs (electronic account gadgets) so you can follow their work hours, audit their driving propensities, or send prompt assistance when they need it. With ELDs introduced, drivers will have a more secure workplace.

Troublesome occasions recruiting new drivers

Odds are, your drivers share with their friend network (likewise transporters) how you treat them – regardless of whether you do it the correct way or not. Obviously, on the off chance that you exhaust them, you recognize what they will state. This may prompt different drivers not to have any desire to work at your organization.


To prevent your drivers from talking bad about your company, it is necessary, first, to make sure that you are treating them well, especially when it comes to schedules.

Once your drivers are satisfied with their work experience in your company, they will give a good reference to it, thus attracting new drivers.

III. 5 solutions to prevent fatigue During Truck Driver Training.

Use ELDs

ELDs help fleet managers keep real track of their drivers and fleets. It helps you know if your drivers have taken their breaks or have been on your route for longer than they should.

In case a driver has skipped a break, they can send him a reminder message through the ELD so they don’t forget that they need to take one.

ELDs also help monitor driving habits. If driving habits are bad, it will help you rectify some problems. On the other hand, if the habits are good, you can congratulate your drivers with bonuses.

Avoid taking any type of medication or energy drink

Unfortunately, some drivers take methamphetamine (among other medications) to stay awake.

These types of drugs can often do more harm than good since users tend to press their bodies further than they can. These medications or energy drinks give them a false sense of energy and strength. This can lead to drivers experiencing mental or physical crises, or even suffering from an accident in the event that the effects start to wear off.

Avoid eating too much before driving

Eating heavy meals leads to an increase in blood sugar levels in drivers. When their blood sugar drops later, the same goes for their energy levels causing them to be sleepy.

 Instead of eating heavy meals, I recommend that your drivers eat light meals instead.

Encourage doctor visits

If a driver has disorders like sleep apnea and cannot get enough sleep, advise them to see a doctor for the necessary treatment. Truck managers and companies must not only encourage their drivers to visit a doctor, but they must also arrange their schedules. It all translates to a happy workplace where people care about each other, and where fleet managers ensure that their drivers are in perfect condition. According to all these tips for Truck Driver Training, you can control the impact of fatigue.

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