Born To Be An Entrepreneur


I am of the opinion, that you don’t just wake up one day and decide to become an entrepreneur. I think the thought was placed in you the day you were born. Just think about it for a minute, not everyone has the thought or desire to become an entrepreneur only a small select few. For those that do, it is an unrelenting desire that is always with you. You may push the thought aside for the moment, but it always, always comes back and when it does it comes back even stronger than before.

You may not always know exactly what it is you’re supposed to do, you just know that you’re supposed to operate in that arena.

Ideas after ideas constantly flow in and out of our mind, but the confidence to pursue those ideas doesn’t always stay with you. For those that manage to grab a hold of their confidence, will also snatch one or more of those ideas and begin to weave them into a plan to build a business.

Entrepreneur minded people can never be happy with a nine to five job. Their minds will always seek to fulfill what their heart craves. For some, the urgency to make money will be their driver, for others it is their passion to create that will propel them into action. Unfortunately, for a great many, the soul will want what the soul wants, but doesn’t always know how to deliver. So their dream will end before it ever begins.

Once the realization of this sets in, so will their level of frustration. So that this doesn’t become your reality, you will need to make a real concerted effort to go after your dream. That will mean stepping out on faith!

In order to make it happen, you will need to throw a lasso around your confidence, pluck your ideas from your head and begin to create and work your plan to build your business.

Business building is tough work. Stress can be a major factor. Doubt, fear, and skepticism may live with you on a daily basis. Nevertheless, you will not be completely satisfied with your life until you do this and; for those that have started, finish it.

Entrepreneurs all over the world are in various stages of building. Some have it on their heart to become an entrepreneur and are ready to take their first step; while others have just begun the process. Further still, there are those who are much, much further along in the process and are either thriving or failing.

What do they all have in common? They’re building. It doesn’t matter where you are, it only matters that you’re in it. If you aren’t in it, then get in it! Yes, you will feel tired, defeated, fearful, weary, worried and down right looney at times, but at least you’ll be living out the mandate that was placed in you so very long ago! Its called, your dream!

If being an entrepreneur is what you were born to be. Harness your fear and walk in it!

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