Safety Tips That Help Avoid Two-Wheeler Accidents & The Role of Insurance


Two-wheelers are a swifter mode of transport, one for its ability to manoeuvre through traffic and other for the budget-friendly price tags it carries. This makes it a more sought alternative compared to other forms of private transport available.

As compared to other vehicles, two-wheelers pose a greater risk to the rider. The primary reason being open and offering lower safety when compared to cars. Moreover, an alarming statistic published Ministry if Road Transport and Highways’ reported that almost one third (37%) of the road accidents in 2019 involved two-wheeler. With such a concerning number being recorded, it is critical that two-wheeler owners take their safety seriously. This involves various measures including buying a bike insurance online. Let’s look at what are the different safety tips that can help avoid two-wheeler accidents and how two-wheeler insurance plays an instrumental role.

Ride at safe speeds

The very first precaution to take is riding at manageable speeds. The slower you ride, the more time you have to react to unexpected situations on the road. This may involves dodging a pothole to even save yourself from a speeding vehicle. All these potential events that can cause accidents can be avoided when you ride slow. Moreover, the faster you go, the more time it takes your vehicle to come to a standstill in emergency situations.

Stop and check at intersections

The next point to keep in mind is to stop and check for oncoming traffic at intersections. Since motorcyclists do not have much of a road presence, it is often that heavy vehicles collide with them, especially at intersections. Thus, when entering and exiting an intersection or a roundabout, check the surroundings for cars, trucks and other motorist that often can be missed and also your rear-view mirrors.

Avoid manoeuvring between parked vehicles and active traffic

A common practice for two-wheeler riders is ride on the extreme left of the road. This means riding between active traffic and parked vehicles. It can be dangerous to since a car door might open suddenly leaving you no time to react and cause a collision. Also, a vehicle from the active traffic might pull over resulting into accidents.

Wear safety gear

A report by World Health Organisation stated that around 42% of the fatal injuries and 69% of head injuries can be avoided with the usage of helmets. Thus, the right safety gear can help you avoid accidents that cannot just be fatal, but also cause disabilities. Apart from helmets, safety jacket and riding boot go a long way if you are out on a road trip covering mile-munching journeys

The role of insurance in safeguarding against accidents

Having an insurance policy, be it third party bike insurance or comprehensive one, will not safeguard you from accidents, but definitely protect you against financial losses that come with one. Thus, it is made mandatory to have third-party coverage by the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. While the base third-party policy of is enough for legal compliance, a comprehensive plan offers reimbursement for damages to your bike too. Further, these comprehensive plans are customisable using add-ons. But you need to remember that since a comprehensive policy is an optional upgrade, it does impact the two wheeler insurance price you pay.

These are some nifty tips how you can avoid accidents and how insurance can help you in managing the financial worries associated with it. Please note insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For additional subtleties on benefits, avoidances, limits, agreements, if it’s not too much trouble, read deals handout/strategy phrasing cautiously prior to finishing up a deal.

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