Mobile home insurance guide for new homeowners


If you are planning to settle in a new house, specifically a mobile home, then first you have to take some idea about mobile homes. For instance, what is a mobile home? How are they build? How do they work in fulfilling your requirements? Where can you get one? What are the laws related to it? Do they also need home insurance like site-built homes? If yes, then where will you get that?

Yes, those are a lot of questions, and today, we are here to answer all of them. So let us begin.

What is a mobile home?

Mobile homes are the type of homes that are being manufactured by the engineering and construction factories working under strict stipulations of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s federal building regulations. The walls of the home are made up of suitable quality materials like finished drywall, vinyl on gypsum (VOG), paper on gypsum (POG). Materials like VOG, POG, drywall are also used in proper site-built homes. These walls are manufactured in a premium manner, and they can be moved from one place to another.

Why use mobile homes?

Some people who can’t afford a site-built home or who do not want to spend a large amount of money on traditional style homes because prefer mobile homes. As mobile homes come with a large variety of customization, they are preferred as a more stylish and affordable option. Moreover, people who are willing to buy a home for not a very long time period can also buy a second-hand mobile home. In the U.S., many people likely prefer to live in mobile homes.

Why we need mobile home insurance?

As we have read that these houses are made up of some lightweight and portable material that is assembled at the site, so there is a high risk of damage and can be destroyed easily by natural hazards. That is why mobile home insurance is more considerable. Mobile insurance companies provide various policies to cover-up the damage and recover the losses. As mobile homes are used by many citizens of the U.S., there are many service providers for mobile home insurance  in Louisiana offers.

The companies are willing to provide different kinds of policies covered under the mobile home insurance section. Some of them include insurance for the dwelling (structure of the home), other structures including garage or storage, personal property coverage, protection against the case if someone is injured on your property, covering the cost of medical expenses for a person who’s injured on your property.

What does a mobile insurance policy cover?

As homeowners policy, the mobile insurance policy gives you some of the basic coverages that a homeowner should have. Here are the major things that are covered under the insurance policy:

  • Property coverage

Protects your property from any big damage due to any natural hazards. The structure of the property, such as roof, walls, parking, etc. are protected.

  • Liability coverage

Protects you financially if someone files a claim or legal action after getting hurt or harmed at your property. It will save you against any legal issues.

  • Content coverage

Some things are not in our hands, that is when insurance comes into the picture. Content coverage protects your ownership in case of theft or natural disaster.

You must feel confident enough to file for insurance for your mobile home as we have discussed mobile homes and about their manufacturing, availability, insurance services above. Mobile homes are useful and affordable and come with a stylish look. Thus all good things need to be insured and secured. Insurance policies are very important in the case of mobile homes because they are not as durable as our normal site-built homes. If you are looking for more information, you can look up to sites for mobile home insurance in Louisiana based companies for their expertise in providing insurance to mobile houses in the U.S.

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