Get your glasses prescription online with this amazing lens scanner app


What if you can get your glasses prescription over the internet? And that too merely by scanning your lens with the help of your camera? Well, it certainly sounds effortless and something revolutionary. Gladly, the modern day technology has come up with a solution that lets you get your glasses prescription online and that too for free. Take a look at the Lens Scanner app.

Powered by 6over6, this app allows you to attain your prescription online by merely doing the following 4 things:

  1. Get the app from your app store (available for both iOS and android)
  2. A 12 degree computer or one that has a bigger screen
  3. Glasses that you are using currently
  4. A standard size magnetic card to assist you in measurements

Once you have all the things set in place, there are only two more steps to follow and you will get your prescription.

Description of Lens Scanner App

Created by SmartBuyGlasses, Lens Scanner is an app that helps you in getting a free online prescription for your glasses. SmartBuyGlasses is e-commerce company dealing with optics and eyewear. Operating globally, across Europe, America, and Asia Pacific, the company is providing its services in over 20 countries through and

With the help of this new technology, you can now get your glasses prescription from the comfort of your home just by a few clicks.

How Lens Scanner Works?

The app is easy to use and works simply by using the light that comes from your computer or PC screen. With this, the app scans your glasses and uses the magnetic card in order to attain the optical parameters that are currently in place for your eyewear.

Scanning is a process that will require a few minutes and how quick it is done depends largely on your current glasses measurements. Once the scanning is complete, you get a prescription displayed on your screen which also gets automatically saved in your computer. Then, as you decide on what glasses you are about to purchase, the glass will be added to the frame you select.

Benefits of Using Lens Scanner

There are numerous reasons why one should use Lens Scanner. Think about going to your optician and attaining the prescription in a traditional manner. It requires more effort and time. Moreover, apart from disturbing your busy schedule, it is also costly as you will be paying a particular fee. However, the Lens Scanner app saves you the hassle.

Download and install the SmartBuyGlasses App, which is the latest technology and follow the instructions they provide. With your prescription, you will receive a redirection to a website where you get a perfect pair of glasses according to your prescription or designer sunglasses.

Who can use this app?

Anyone who is looking towards getting a prescription can use this app. However, you have to have a stable vision and should be satisfied with the current prescription for your eyewear.

Disclaimer: Before you use the app don’t forget to read the terms of use!


You can watch the following video for further details:

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