Reasons Why the Market Is Moving Towards Digital Marketing to Survive COVID-19 Outbreak


The COVID-19 pandemic currently raging all across the world is definitely a massive threat to public health, as well as businesses and jobs too. However, it is not all doom and gloom.  In fact, digital marketing has now taken a great leap forward as a direct result of the global lockdown.

If we were to look at this transformation from the historical perspective, we will see that such paradigm shifts have also occurred before. In fact, major events have had a role in molding entire populations and transforming the lives of people in every region of the world. The second world war, for instance, bought with it massive changes such as ushering in the satellite and the jet age.

Today, we are once again on the cusp of monumental change. As of now, many experts are speculating whether this pandemic will also have a transformational effect on our collective social attitudes. That is, on our lifestyle and also how we continue to work at our jobs and shop for our favorite products.

We have had to adapt, in response to widespread school closures and travel bans amidst recommendations to refrain from gathering in large groups. We are now forced to keep our distance from our fellow humans to keep this terrible virus at bay. Many people have now turned to digital tools to keep track of the world outside.  In fact, the digital world is helping us keep some semblance of normality, as we remain cooped up in our homes for months at a stretch.

The need of the hour is to digitally transform our places of work and education so that they can operate effectively and seamlessly, in a digital environment. Any company that can use digital technology well and rethinks its business model, will forge ahead of its competition. Let us see why digital marketing is the wave of the future:

1.     Digital Marketing Services Amidst Global Lockdown

Companies all over the world have gone into suspended animation. The employees of these organizations will go back to work once the situation returns to normalcy. However, many digital marketing companies have been able to increase their customer base as several traditionally offline businesses have switched to digital marketing and the home delivery system. These include supermarkets and other offline retail outlets amongst many others.

 Now that they have seen the ease and convenience of digital marketing, it is unlikely they will turn their back to this aspect of their marketing strategy once the coronavirus pandemic recedes into memory.

2.     The Increasing Relevance of Digital Channels of Communication

These are uncertain times, but the world is slowly coming around to the idea of remote working and collaborative approaches. Companies are now increasingly turning to multiple digital channels and enthusiastically embracing the transformation. In fact, there has been a visible spike in updated websites during the last few weeks. Many companies are also revamping their digital strategy by creating more user-friendly websites and launching new e-commerce channels. There is a clear focus on creating value-added social media campaigns that are now more focused on a home-based workforce. They are also engaging social media influencers and using targeted search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to reach new audiences.

More Free Time Translates to Better Digital Strategies

Many marketers are now spending more time at home than on the road on sales visits and event promotions. This has given them more time to reach out to their respective target audiences vial online research. They are now much more aware of their customers’ social media and other online preferences and use that information to create more targeted digital strategies. This approach has been translated into creating web pages with a more refreshing look and an increasingly more innovative approach.

3.     Customer Relationship Management During COVID 19

CRM for digital marketing agency is a learning process during the coronavirus pandemic. Various agencies have now seamlessly integrated their CRM systems with their client’s site’s web forms. This means that the information submitted on the form by an online visitor can be automatically transferred into the system. Once there, it will be seamlessly integrated with the workflows on the site and routed to the relevant person with timely follow up reminders and alerts.

It will also ensure that the data will be saved into a database without being lost. Data loss is a very real and present issue because so many employees are now working remotely. This has substantially increased the danger of important information falling through the cracks, especially when it comes to online leads and inquiries.

4.     Social Media Comes to the Fore

While most online companies mentioned their social media (SM) accounts, few of them made social media the central plank of their marketing strategy. From Facebook to LinkedIn, businesses are now integrating a cross-section of SM platforms. Many people working from home tend to have their social media accounts open on their workstations. Here, knowing what they like is the first step in understanding the minds of the end consumers. The more people spend time on social media the easier it is for digital marketing companies to know their preferences so that they can provide more targeted services and products.

5.     Digital Marketing Will Being Its Own Legacy

Many people believe that the minute this unprecedented global lockdown ends,  people will go back to their old ways and start visiting, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, and their respective workplaces. However, the habits cultivated over months of isolation won’t disappear so soon.  Using the internet for gaming, shopping, working, and other activities will have become more of a habit that won’t die easily. Apart from that, it is extremely unlikely that the whole world will suddenly and completely remove all restrictions. Lockdowns will continue depending on the severity of the virus. With the passage of time,  independence of movement will be determined on the basis of COVID-19 cases in different localities, all over the globe.

In light of the above, we can state that the market is now moving inexorably towards digital marketing solutions. In fact, this is the only way to survive in the new reality and companies that don’t switch to this model, risk becoming obsolete.

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