Benefits of Retirement Plans

Planning your retirement is the key to a secure old age. No one wants to be caught off-guard when it is finally time to reap the fruits of their lifelong labour. This is where plans offering retirement benefits can help.

Here are a few benefits of retirement plans that you should consider.

  • Peace of Mind

You do not want to be worried about anything after retirement, let alone your finances. In your retirement years, your wealth should address your overall lifestyle. It should also take care of certain fundamental requirements such as your medical needs. With proper planning and taking the right steps at the right time, you can ensure that you enjoy your golden years peacefully.

  • Dual Benefits

Retirement plans in India combine savings and insurance. They are a special category of insurance plans designed to fulfil post-retirement financial needs. These plans can range from traditional to unit-linked ones. They offer you a platform to accumulate your savings and build your retirement corpus.

  • Better Life Decisions

The right decisions around wealth creation, career changes, and income sources can contribute towards better securing your future. When you plan for retirement, you have a clearer picture of what your future is expected to look like. A retirement plan is one way of taking a sound lifestyle and career decision today.

  • Post-Retirement Income

Even if you encounter fewer costs once you’ve retired, or switch to a minimalist life, you will still have a certain number of daily necessities to deal with. The best retirement plans in India will ensure a continuous flow of income for you after retirement. So irrespective of when you start planning your retirement, know that it is a way to ensure a dignified way of life in your later years.

  • Protection for your loved ones

Your life is precious for your loved ones. Additionally, if you are the sole earning member of the family, you must ensure that you save enough to meet your family’s short-term and long-term financial goals. A retirement plan lets you safeguard your dependents financially with its insurance component. In the event of your unfortunate demise, the nominee will be compensated with the accrued death benefit.

  • Multiple Payment Options

Depending on your financial situation during your purchase of the retirement policy, you can opt for monthly, quarterly, or annual premium payments. You can also opt for a single payment, ensuring long-term security when you can afford it. This allows you to systematically plan for the future and avoid being stressed in the present.

It is never too late to start planning for your retirement. Seek advice from a financial expert today or use a retirement planner to get an estimation of future expenses. Start now and plan for a worry-free future.


The Credit Union Advantage

The Credit Union Advantage from Pacific Service Credit Union.


How to create an outstanding ecommerce website

Nowadays, people can do almost anything online including shopping for their favorite products, and this has created a massive demand for eCommerce website design companies in India. Whether you’re selling shoes, clothes, makeup, skincare, or any other product, eCommerce is something important that you need to be aware of as a brand.

An eCommerce website not only builds your brand reputation but allows you to connect with more customers, and sell more products but that only happened when you have a website with the relevant amount of information. Your website needs to be minimal, professional, fast, reliable with high-quality graphics, good content, and colors to attract and retain customers on your site.

First impressions are very important and a good website will look and feel on-brand, ensure the customers takes an action, and purchases your product. Here are some tips on how to create an outstanding eCommerce website and take your design tips to the next level.

  • User- friendly website

Ensuring your website is user-friendly is the first step towards a successful ecommerce website design. Customers need a website that is easy to navigate between pages and doesn’t lag. Take Splendid Spoon, for example; the homepage of the site clearly states what the brand is about and includes steps, product links, and the CTA so users can explore purchasing. The dropdown menu has everything a customer would be looking for so they can easily navigate through it.

  • A smooth checkout processes

Do you know those really annoying sites that take forever to load payments or takes you to another un-secure website to make a payment? A customer’s card payment is important and users won’t just pay on any website – especially if they see that your website isn’t secure. My Billie, a beauty brand, has ‘information’ buttons that display a secure checkout process. The checkout is quick, efficient, and allows you the comfort of knowing that your financial information is safe.

  • Add a ‘filter’ option

As a website design company in India, you know that customers love filtering options, especially when it comes to categories like clothing, makeup, skincare, and more. Filtering allows consumers to quickly find what they are looking for instead of having to go through every product. Have a look at the website by The Little Market, it has a drop-down filter for each category so users can pick the category of their choice, choose the type, color and find their product faster. If users know your site is easier, systematic, and less hassle, they will purchase your products.

  • Good customer service

One thing that sets some brands apart from the rest is excellent customer service. Some eCommerce website design companies include chatbots that will answer any query you have, from products, services, feedback to even negative reviews. Besides these bigger brands have customer service support you can call 24/7 and some others also have an FAQ section which includes any questions and answers you may have about the brand and products. Fujifilm provides free information about how to use various cameras, download the software, and even tips on photo editing, this makes it interesting for a customer looking to buy and use a camera.

  • Fine-tune your software

Choosing the right software as a website design company in India is crucial to help your eCommerce website grow. Your software should be easy enough for your team and customers to understand and good enough to ensure the quality of your website. For example, HubSpot’s software is accessible to marketers, web designers, tech professionals, and IT specialists, brands can even book a demo. It is responsive and efficient to designs, forms, chatbots, customer service, and more and allows you to manage all of it in one place.

The Bottom Line

The above tips help create an outstanding eCommerce website for your brand. An attractive website leads to more engagement and conversions for both your products and services. Hiring an eCommerce and website design company in India to handle your website not only ensures that it gets done professionally but also takes care of other factors like the software, security, maintenance, and design.


Now Permanently Mute Unnecessary Chat on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the most famous informing and video calling stage, has included another element that permits you to forever quiet any individual or gathering talk.

This alternative has as of late been added to WhatsApp’s ‘Visit Settings’.

Prior, the span of any talk quiet on WhatsApp was 8 hours, multi-week, or a year, however, now clients are given the alternative to quiet the visit ‘everlastingly’ rather than one year.

This new element of WhatsApp is currently accessible in both Android and iOS applications.


Chinese Engineer Killed by RAW in Bangladesh

A Chinese engineer has been killed in Bangladesh, blamed on India’s notorious intelligence agency RAW.

Chinese technician Lao Finn was killed with a sharp object near the construction site of the 8th Bangladesh China Friendship Bridge in Ferozepur District.

Confirming the killing of the Chinese national, Masood Mahmood Saman, head of the Roads and Highways Department in Ferozepur, said Lao, 58, was the chief technician of the architectural project.

An interpreter for the slain chief technician said Lao Finn was killed as he went to pay the workers in the evening.

He said Lao Finn was rushed to a hospital but could not recover.

Doctors at the Ferozepur District Hospital said the Chinese man died of excessive bleeding.

Retired Major Dilawar Hussain of the Bangladesh Army said in a video statement released on social media that the Chinese national was killed by the Indian intelligence agency RAW.

On the other hand, Bangladeshi police officials say that evidence has been collected from the scene and raids are being carried out to find the culprit.


Facebook Removed Trump’s Post After Calling The Flu More Dangerous Than Corona

US President Donald Trump has described the flu as more dangerous than Corona, with social media site Facebook removing the US president’s post from its website for giving false information about Corona.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the US president’s post was removed for giving false information about Corona, and President Trump’s post violated the company’s rules for giving false information.

Twitter has not deleted President Trump’s tweet about Corona, but has included it in tweets with misinformation.

Earlier, in a statement, Trump said that the flu season is coming, many people die every year due to the flu.

“Despite being vaccinated, the flu sometimes causes more than 100,000 deaths,” he said.

Trump added that the flu did not stop the country, it learned to live with it, like learning to live with Corona.

Earlier in August, President Trump’s post on false claims about Corona was removed from Facebook and Twitter, with President Trump calling the flu more dangerous than Corona.