Fulfill Your Personal or Business Needs With ‘Loan Against Property’ From PNB Housing Finance Limited


Residential or commercial property is one of the biggest assets that you can own. Apart from giving a decent return on investment, these assets can also be used as collateral to take a loan. These assets can easily be mortgaged to apply for a decent amount of loan without any hassle. There are a lot of financial institutions that can help you in getting a loan if you have a residential or a commercial property registered in your name.

Certain unforeseen circumstances can lead to a cash crunch. Be it your child’s higher education or your daughter’s marriage. In these uncertain times, you can use your assets to take a loan against property. What is even more interesting is the fact that these loans are available for a larger tenure and at a lower interest rate. Isn’t it interesting? Let’s go deeper into this and learn about the benefits of taking a loan against your assets.

  1. Larger Capital – Pledging your assets for taking a loan can make it very easy for you to get a very high amount of capital as a loan. Financial institutions like PNB Housing Finance offer a huge amount of loan amount for this kind of arrangement. This amount can go as high as 1 Crore for salaried people and 3.5 Crores for self-employed people. Funding up to 60% of the property cost is applicable in this loan arrangement for eligible candidates. The loan against property interest rates is also very attractive.
  2. Larger Tenure – The tenure is flexible for people applying for a loan against property. The tenure is usually much higher than what is offered in normal circumstances. Hence, this is the ideal way to apply for a loan of the huge amount which can be paid in a longer duration of time. An individual is allowed to prepay the loan anytime at minimal charges. PNB Housing offers a tenure of up to 20 years for this kind of arrangement.
  3. Transferrable – If you already have an existing loan, then you can easily transfer it using ‘Loan against Property Balance Transfer’ facility. This requires minimal documentation and is processed quickly.
  4. Smooth Application Process – When you require funds immediately, then a tedious application process can really hurt your plans. However, financial institutions like PNB Housing offer great services like personalized doorstep service for this kind of arrangement to make the application process very smooth.
  5. Online management – Today’s era of the digital revolution has changed the way that financial institutions work. For loans against property, the entire process offered by PNB Housing Finance is digital. Right from the application to the post-application services, everything can be done from your home using your computer. The doorstep services and customer care will manage the rest of it.

PNB Housing Finance offers a wide range of products for people from all income groups taking you closer to your dreams. The application processes have become very smooth with attractive interest rates. Applying for a loan against property is a great way to get a large amount of capital for a longer period of time.

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