Facebook Removed Trump’s Post After Calling The Flu More Dangerous Than Corona


US President Donald Trump has described the flu as more dangerous than Corona, with social media site Facebook removing the US president’s post from its website for giving false information about Corona.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the US president’s post was removed for giving false information about Corona, and President Trump’s post violated the company’s rules for giving false information.

Twitter has not deleted President Trump’s tweet about Corona, but has included it in tweets with misinformation.

Earlier, in a statement, Trump said that the flu season is coming, many people die every year due to the flu.

“Despite being vaccinated, the flu sometimes causes more than 100,000 deaths,” he said.

Trump added that the flu did not stop the country, it learned to live with it, like learning to live with Corona.

Earlier in August, President Trump’s post on false claims about Corona was removed from Facebook and Twitter, with President Trump calling the flu more dangerous than Corona.

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