Translation Service Dubai Budget: Learn How to Make One Right!


Translation is an essential service for a variety of needs. People who are interested in taking an exchange trip, for example, must request legal translation services, so that the legal validity of the document is the same outside Dubai.

Although it is for a not so bureaucratic need, such as understanding a document with technical terms, technical translation is also very important for learning new knowledge in the areas of engineering, medicine, law and many others.

However, whatever service is needed, many people still have doubts about how a translation budget is calculated. Do all translations have the same price? Is the service charged per hour or per document? Is it too expensive?

If you also have these doubts, don’t worry, as now you will solve them once and for all. Learn how to make a good translation budget and see how the process is much simpler and more practical than you could imagine.

How to Make a Good Translation Budget?

In fact, there are not many secrets when it comes to the budget of a translation: it is enough that the interested person has all the necessary information (or most of it) to proceed with the process.

Basically, the walkthrough is as follows:

1 – Separate the Document to be Translated

The document or text to be translated needs to be separated by the client, as information related to it will be requested by the translator or by the translation company, so that an accurate quote can be drawn up.

2 – Define the Type of Translation

Often, the interested person does not know what translation service is needed for their case. Then, the company will provide all the support it needs, by asking questions that help to define the ideal type of service.

3 – Determine the Translation Language

Each language has a different complexity and also a different amount of labor on the market. For example, there is a relatively large number of translators from English to Portuguese, whereas translation from Mandarin to Portuguese is not so common.

Therefore, the languages ​​of the translations will directly impact the translation budget.

4 – Define the Deadlines

This is a decisive step in the process. Some customers say, during the translation budget, that they are not in a hurry and can wait longer, while others urgently request the service.

This is also taken into account when preparing the budget, since a service that requires more agility will have a higher cost than one that is not so urgent.

5 – Provision of Services for Individuals or Legal Entities

Prices vary depending on whether the client is an individual or a legal entity. This is due to demand, which is generally higher in cases of companies, as well as for tax reasons.

How are Translations Billed?

These are the main information that will be requested from customers, as well as their personal contact details. However, another question, in addition to the translation budget, is the way in which the service is charged.

There are three forms that are the most common: by character, by page and by words.

The first one is not used, since the values ​​for character translation are fractional, which makes the calculation somewhat complex. Even so, there are companies that resort to this alternative. It is essential that you know how a translation budget is calculated

Already the collection by page is much more common. The size of a page varies according to the type of translation: while literary translations have pages of 30 lines with 70 characters each (2,100 characters), sworn translations have pages of 25 lines and 50 characters each (1,250 characters).

Finally, a translation budget can also be adopted through the number of words, which can be counted separately or every 100 or 200 words, for example.

The definition of the type of charge usually comes from the company that provides the service, but nothing prevents a negotiation between both parties, in order to define which is the best alternative.

Count on an Accurate and Efficient Translation Budget

For all of this to work, you need to rely on the services of a specialized company, which is able to serve customers with excellence and provide all the support they need for good quality service.

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