How To Create Public Awareness For Small Businesses


Many small business owners are stuck in the rut of using the same old marketing promotions. There are many new and exciting promotions that every small business owner should know. Many marketing tools are specifically created with the small business owner in mind.

There are three marketing tools that have become increasingly popular with small business owners which are marketing videos, jingles, and On Hold messages. Using these marketing tools besides marketing tools currently used will quickly bring public awareness to any small business.

Marketing videos are mostly used by small business owners to inform the public about their company and what products and services they sell. Again the key is to write the script effectively that catches the public or potential customers attention. Marketing videos are extremely effective and will always increase the flow of traffic to a company website.

One marketing tool that has been used for years is the jingle. A well written jingle can be easily recognized as well as remembered by potential customers. This method is extremely powerful especially when combined with music that is easily remembered. This is the best marketing tool for any small business that is in desperate need of public recognition.

On common marketing tool that is used today and has been used for many years are On Hold messages. On Hold messages informing customers about products or services is better for customers to listen to than the usual boring “elevator” music. Again the only knowledge that’s needed is how to effectively write a good sales pitch. Many On Hold messages having music in the background. This is a great idea, however, caution should be used when using prerecorded music since all music has a copyright.

There’s a wide price range for jingle packages ranging anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars. The best part is that once a jingle is written it can be owned which is commonly called a “buy out”. This is when a jingle can be used indefinitely. Jingles can even be used several times over and edited to be used on the web and television.

Instead of using plain old On Hold messages many business owners use music in the background while customers listen to their messages. Care should be taken when selecting the music for the messages such as not using music from local radio stations. Music from local radio stations also contain commercials and business owners could run the risk of advertising for a competitor! If deciding to use music from a popular artist beware that all music has a copyright. If a particular song is used without permission and has a copyright, it is called copyright infringement and is illegal.

This is just an example of the various marketing tools available for small business owners. There are many more available by just searching on the Internet.

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