Have Group Health Insurance? Here’s Why You Should Still Consider Individual Health Coverage


If your place of employment offers group health insurance coverage as part of your entire compensation package, then it can be reasonable to conclude that you have appropriate health insurance coverage because you receive it as part of your total compensation package. On the other hand, the situation will determine if it’s a good idea or not to consider having health insurance as an additional alternative.

Even when protected by the group health insurance that your work provides, you should still give some thought to purchasing individual health insurance for the reasons that are detailed below:


It’s possible that the group health insurance you have won’t cover all of your individual healthcare requirements. This can be because these regulations are designed to suit the requirements of a more massive population. The reason for this may be seen in the previous sentence. In case you have private health insurance, you will have the freedom to alter your coverage in a way that makes it better fit the particular requirements of your personal health and lifestyle.*

Coverage Gap

It is usual for group health insurance coverage to have restrictions linked to it, and it can be possible that this coverage will not fulfil all of your necessary medical requirements. Keeping this in the back of your mind under any and all conditions is critical if you have a chronic ailment that necessitates specialised medical attention. If you find yourself in a scenario similar to this one, acquiring your own health insurance policy can offer you extra coverage and help you address coverage gaps in your current employer plan. If you find yourself in a situation similar to this one, you should strongly consider getting a health insurance policy on your own.*


The health cover offered by an individual plan is portable, which means you can keep the policy even if you switch jobs or become self-employed. Therefore, various types of health insurance plans exist for individuals because that coverage will not be tied to any specific employer. Individual medical insurance policies provide for greater personalisation and ensure that coverage will not be stopped over the policyholder’s lifetime.*

Changing Employment

If you quit your job at the moment, there’s a chance that your employer’s group health insurance coverage won’t follow you to your new job. On account of the time required to complete this procedure, it could be possible that you will find yourself without any form of health insurance coverage. Those with private health insurance can continue to be covered even if they switch jobs because it cannot be tied to a single employer.*

In conclusion, while we see some definite advantages to obtaining coverage via a group health insurance plan, you may still require supplemental coverage. As a result, it is prudent to explore purchasing individual health insurance coverage as an additional option to provide complete coverage that meets all of your medical care needs.

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