Do I Still Need Printed Media in This Digital Age?


While we are well into the digital age, we have not yet reached the point when printed media is obsolete, so the short answer to the question is yes. Despite having the ability to send people files of text, image or film, there are many occasions when paper media is required.

Promotional Material

Whether you are running a business or simply promoting a community event, brochures and flyers are still the best way to get your message out there, and if you ever run out of Brother MFC L2703dw toner, for example, there are online suppliers and ordering is a breeze. You could be organising a party and would like to print some elegant invitations; weddings and birthday parties also demand mailed invitations, so there are many times when quality colour printing is the order of the day.

Starting a Business

All your printed media, such as envelopes, business cards, headed paper and invoices, all need to be printed, and with the high costs of using a printing company, you are advised to make an investment in a good quality colour printer. There are online suppliers of toner and cartridges for all makes and models, so ordering is never an issue.

Why Colour?

Colour printers are obviously more expensive than black and white models, yet they are so useful. Printing promotional material for a business, empowering your kids to print a great project cover, and generally printing any art design that you like, with a view to framing. Buying colour ink cartridges can be an issue if you search for a store, but with online solutions, it can be mailed to you within a couple of days.

Invoices & Presentations

If you are invoicing customers, it is standard practice to send both an email and a paper copy through the post, which is another reason to invest in a printer. A potential client might ask you to send them a paper copy of your proposal, in which case, you will need access to high quality printing.

Workshop Handouts

In the event you train people, then a reliable colour printer is essential, and buying a well-known name means you can print off hundreds of handouts without an issue. Of course, some people use a printer more than others, and if you rarely use it, print something at least once a week, to stop the ink drying out. Just print a colour test sheet, which will allow some movement in the ink tubes. In some ways, a printer is like a car, it is more likely to develop issues if not used much, so do give your printer something to do now and then.

Many people simply couldn’t be without their colour printer and if you buy an ink-tank printer, it works out cheaper. Online suppliers of ink make for an easy life and order a few sets, just in case you run out at a critical time.

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