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outstanding ecommerce website

How to create an outstanding ecommerce website

Nowadays, people can do almost anything online including shopping for their favorite products, and this has created a massive demand for eCommerce website design companies in India. Whether you’re selling shoes, clothes, makeup, skincare, or any other product, eCommerce is...


Chinese Engineer Killed by RAW in Bangladesh

A Chinese engineer has been killed in Bangladesh, blamed on India's notorious intelligence agency RAW. Chinese technician Lao Finn was killed with a sharp object near the construction site of the 8th Bangladesh China Friendship Bridge in Ferozepur District. Confirming...

Voice Calls
Business Plan

How to Record Facebook Voice Calls

Facebook was one of the initial social media apps. Consequently, became a leading one. Facebook has provided an amazing platform for social media users. In other words, people use it to engage their audience. Initially, Facebook only had a chatbox....

Data Management Tools
Business Plan

Best Big Data Management Tools

Data has obtained the status of the advantage in the competitive business world of today and it is being aggregated by all businesses . Data's significance is enormous for the company community and it has been confessed by them. To...

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