Effective Tips For Maintaining Basketball Flooring


Synthetic flooring options have become quite a rage for the sports facilities nowadays. Synthetic floor is also known as rubber gym flooring and is used for flooring purposes in gyms, schools, basketball courts, and weight rooms.

The most popular application of rubber flooring is basketball flooring. Basketball flooring is installed with precision and care as a wrongly installed basketball floor can cause serious injuries for the player. The flooring looks squeaky clean and shines when it is newly installed.

However, over time the flooring is subjected to heavy physical movement and strenuous traffic. So it is important to maintain such a type of flooring, or else it will lose its luster. The floor will also attract dirt and scratch marks if not maintained properly. The scratches are mainly due to the high jumps and dribbling done on a basketball floor. This is part and parcel of the game. But still, it can be minimized, and the floor can be kept in a mint condition if you follow simple tips to maintain the floor on the basket court.

Daily maintenance tips for your basketball floor

Daily cleaning is necessary to maintain your sports flooring and keep it running for a long time. The cleaning of your floors must be like a morning ritual that you have for yourselves. The cleaning process must remove the accumulated dirt, sticky substance, liquid spills, and other small debris.

Check for any dirt that has been accumulated over the night. Start by gently moping away the dirt. Make sure that you dry mop the dirt. If you have liquid spills or sticky substances like tape and gum on your basketball floors, try to clean it off gently.

Do not rashly scrape the surface of your basketball floor. This might leave scratches on the floor, and these scratches then lead to the peeling off the floor. Do not use sharp objects to get rid of such objects.

You can use painters tools like a putty knife to get rid of these sticky substances. Thoroughly check for such sticky substances.. After scrolling the basketball floor thoroughly and removing the sticky substances, you are good to go for the dirt and the dry debris on your floor.

Use a large microfiber dusting mop to clean your surface from dirt and soil. If there is any wet soil on the floor, make sure that you clean it completely. Although synthetic flooring has good resistance to soiling wet soil still damages due to the moisture present in it.

After you have removed the dry and wet waste from the floor, it is time to use the floor cleaner. Mix your floor cleaner in a ratio of 2:1 of cold water. Put the microfiber dusting mop to the rest and bring out the mop suitable with a floor cleaner.

To achieve the best results, use an auto scrubber to clean the floor. The cleaning solution can be poured in the scrubber, and then a scrub pad is used to remove the stains and dirt off the entire floor.

Some general floor tips that help in the daily maintenance of the basketball flooring are:

  • Dusting the floor at least two to three times a day.
  • Place the hog floor mats at the entrances of the basketball court. This will help to keep the moisture away.
  • Fixing of mobile equipment. Movable chairs and other mobile equipment must be fixed to prevent the indentation of the floor.

Prevention is better than cure.

Preventive measures prolong the life of your basketball flooring. It is the key for a lasting synthetic flooring. It is always wise to invest in these preventive methods:

  • Restrict the use of commercially treated dusting mops. These mops can leave a residue on the floor.
  • Do not use harsh floor cleaners. The hard floor cleaners have acidic and caustic content that take away the shine off the floors.
  • Do not use abrasive products such as sandpaper, solvents, and steel wool to clean your synthetic floors. They can cause some serious damage to the floors.
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